Prepositions are complicated for native British loudspeakers to use correctly even, and we realize that constant support with examples is the only way to master correct usage.

ESL/EFL students get tired of the same activities over and over again, nevertheless (as do we educators).class management Try producing the concepts unique by connecting these to a special time What better day time to do so than Valentine’s Day! The social peculiarity of Valentine’s Day insists on training conversation – on developing perfect expressions of feeling. For all those expressions, we have to make use of prepositions masterfully. Listed below are 10 methods to use Valentine’s Day traditions to apply preposition use with your class.
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Sonnets are particularly about like and unique towards the English vocabulary. The specificity of 14 lines and exact syllable use requires detailed focus on preposition use! Shakespeare may be as well difficult for your college students, but you can find a good example from another writer easily on sites such as Have college students circle all the prepositions and discuss.
For Valentines
Ask students to create and write four different valentines which they actually plan to give to loved ones (or classmates), using expressions of for